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FAQ: (updated October 2013)


How many members do you have?

As of October 2013, we had 430 characters and 119 unique accounts.

How active are your players? When are peak times?

Most of our members do play quite frequently; at least several times a week and of course we have some that play every night!

We typically have 15+ people on M-F nights. M-F daytimes are fairly quiet, although there's usually people popping in and out during all hours.

Weekends are all over the board depending on the time of year. They're normally quite busy.


What are your players like?

They're normal, laid-back, friendly, mature people.

We've got college students, parents, grandparents, married couples, members of the armed forces, stay-at-home-moms, university instructors, game developers, rodeo clowns, business executives, sewer inspectors, graphic designers, network administrators, and IT programmers.

Ages range from late teens to 50+, and we're located all over the US, Canada and overseas.

We're diverse but we share a common love of the game and the friendships we've built over the past 7 years.


Do you raid?

We currently run flex raids on a casual schedule of one night a week, with another night added if the group deems it necessary.


Are there attendance requirements? How do you pick your raid team?

There are no attendance requirements. We have signups for the weekly raid, and we take folks who have the necessary gear.  

We do ask that if you're signed up, you show up on time (preferably 5-10 minutes early) with flasks, potions, food, water, ammo, reagents, and whatever else you need for the evening, as a courtesy to your teammates.


What about gear? My GearScore is over nine thousand; is it good enough?

First, GearScore by itself is just silly. It doesn't take into consideration if you have the correct gear for your class/spec, your gem selections, or your enchants. It's just an arbitrary number that can be really misleading about a player's skills and capabilities.

However, if a player doesn't have gear that is appropriate for the raid, it can be a frustrating experience for both the player and the rest of the raid.

If you need advice on where to get gear or improvements for your character, just ask! We're happy to help.


How about heroics? Will you help me gear up?

Each member is responsible for gearing themselves up, but we have heroic instance/scenario groups going or people doing LFR almost every night. We encourage folks to be proactive in jumping into these groups or getting them started each night! Gearing for raiding is easier than ever, as long as you're running heroics/scenarios and LFR. We love running with guildies, as it ensures that our groups will be fun, courteous, and we can take things a bit slower if needed for fresh 90s.


What else do you do as a guild?

We have weekly fun events like scavenger hunts and manhunts, with prizes and awards for the winners. Occasionally we'll run old-school instances and raids for fun and to show them to lower-level characters. We love seasonal events and achievements and are always willing to help folks get groups for any instances needed (ie Headless Horseman, Love is in the Air bosses, etc).


I'm brand-new to the game. Is there a place for me here?

To be honest, most of our characters are at level-cap and a lot of our activities are focused on that. But we have a lot of altoholics and lower-level characters that can join you for instances and such. We enjoy helping new players out and are always available to answer questions about talents, specs, game mechanics, quests, pretty much anything. You won't be treated like a lesser citizen if you're at a lower-level, all guildies are equal regardless of level.


Do you RP?

It depends on your definition of RP. Do we do a lot of in-person RP, storyarcs, and the like? Not really, although if our members want to participate in conventional RP, we certainly are fine with that. We've participated in the past in server RP events like the Heroes March from Southshore to Uther's Tomb, to celebrate the life of Uther and other fallen heroes. We believe that the game is best enjoyed when you slow down and take in the lore and atmosphere.

Our version of RP is a little different: Guild chat is about 98% OOC, but some members do slip in and out of character, mostly for humorous purposes. We have a gnome that is actually a greedy goblin in a rubber gnome suit, a paladin that is vying for Miss Stormwind, a warlock with a lisp and a bad attitude, a DK that is obsessed with dragon trophies, and so on. In keeping with our guild atmosphere, our characters aren't super-serious, but they're also not emo half-vampire catgirls who are the secret love child of Illidan.

We do ask that our members be mindful of the fact that they are on a RP server. Please do not grief or harass roleplayers.


I hate drama. Do you have drama?

We hate drama too. We're mostly drama-free, unless you count the times when Gilmore /gkicks someone for making jokes about her love of dwarves. They're always invited back once her sensible older sister Gillyy logs on.

On a serious note: Drama queens aren't welcome here. Fun and friendship always comes before loot, progression, or anything else the game has to offer.

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