Membership Process



Membership Process

To start the Membership Process, applicants should read all of this page as well as all the information on the "About TBG" link, then they should click "Apply to Guild" to set up their Guildlaunch account and fill out the guild application. The application will be reviewed and an officer will contact the applicant in-game for a brief in-game interview and guild invitation. Once a player is in the guild, their associate period begins.

PLEASE NOTE: If at all possible, please make your account username the same as the character that you want to join TBG with. If you are transferring from another server and don't have a name on SwC yet, that's fine, but please change your forum name as soon as possible after you transfer. This will make it easier for the officers to manage and process your application.

You can change the name on your forum account under "User Profile" in the upper right corner.

Associate Period
An association period is necessary to allow new members the chance to get to know the current members and the current members the chance to get to know the new member. As it stands there is no real fixed time for the association period; however, to be fair to the applicant, the period should last no more than two to four weeks. An associate may be removed from the guild roster if they haven't logged in for more than 30 days.


Associate Responsibility
An associate has the responsibility during this period to be an ‘active’ member of the guild. ‘Active’ does not mean having to be involved in all guild activities or saying yes to every instance or raid request; rather it means being involved in the guild.

Use guild chat, get to know people, ask for help, help others anything you can do to allow us to get to know you is considered active. We’d also love if people involved themselves in the forums and discussions within but, again, it’s not a steadfast requirement. What it all boils down to is be in game, and put forth the effort to get to know us.

Member Responsibility
Members have the responsibility to:

*Get to know the associate so that they can make an informed decision on whether or not they should be offered full membership at the end of their associate period, and

*Make the new associate feel welcome.

This isn’t a real formal process and should just come naturally to all of us, member and associate alike.


The End of the Associate Period
The association period ends once one of the following occurs:

Full membership has been offered and accepted: The process for this is an informal vote where a ‘large majority’ needs to be in agreement on the associate before we will offer membership. The system is in place to ensure that people who already call the guild home are completely comfortable with any new member as every full member, even the newest ones, become an equal.

A vote is taken and full membership is not offered: It happens sometimes; people and guilds don’t fit together. Hopefully, in situations like this it comes as no surprise to either side. Once the decision is made, the player will be asked to leave the guild. At the end of the day, the quality of the membership and the closeness of the group outweigh any need for numbers or classes.

A player themself decides that Thunderbrew Guard is not right for them and leaves the guild: Again, sometimes things just don’t work out.

The associate membership period is meant to be a non-threatening fun time where we get to know each other. We aren't putting associates under the microscope; we're interested in what the person is like and not about their skill level. So don't worry!


Full Membership
Once full membership is extended and accepted, the player gets promoted to Brewer and has the same rights and privileges as all other members. Once you’re a member, you’re an equal partner in the guild and bear equal responsibility for its success with all other members. Your voice is equal to all others from the Guild Master and Officers onto the Members.

Recte, si non sapiens

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